Luciana Paluzzi
is an Italian American actress. She is best known for playing SPECTRE assassin Fiona Volpe in the fourth James Bond film, Thunderball, as well as Dr. Lisa Benson in The Green Slime.

Paluzzi’s very first film was an uncredited walk-on part in Three Coins in the Fountain (1954). She went on to appear in many movies, most of which were made in her native Italy. In her early films, she is credited as Luciana Paoluzzi. She also played Rafaella, the wife of Brett Halsey’s character, Ted Carter, in 1961’s Return to Peyton Place.

Paluzzi is best known as the villainess, Fiona Volpe, in Thunderball (1965). She had auditioned for the part of the lead Bond girl, Dominetta “Domino” Petacchi, but producers cast Claudine Auger, changing the Domino character from an Italian to a Frenchwoman and renaming her Dominique Derval. Initially crestfallen when informed she did not get the part, Paluzzi rejoiced when told her consolatory prize was the part of Volpe, which she said was “more fun to play”.


In 1968, she appeared in The Green Slime (ガンマー第3号 宇宙大作戦 Ganmā Daisan Gō: Uchū Daisakusen) a science fiction film directed by Kinji Fukasaku and produced by Walter Manley and Ivan Reiner. It was written by William Finger, Tom Rowe and Charles Sinclair from a story by Reiner. The film was shot in Japan with a Japanese director and film crew, but with the non-Japanese starring cast of Robert Horton, Richard Jaeckel and Paluzzi.The Green Slime was a co-production between Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Toei. MGM provided the funding and script while Toei provided the film crew and location to shoot the film.


In 1959–60, Paluzzi appeared with David Hedison in the short-lived espionage television series, Five Fingers. In 1962 she played a murderous wife in an episode of Thriller titled “Flowers of Evil”. In 1964 she played the villainess in an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., as the seductive THRUSH agent Angela in the first-season episode “The Four Steps Affair” and in the movie version of the show’s pilot episode, To Trap a Spy. In 1967 she played the seductive foreign agent Marla Valemska in “Matchless,” the premier episode of Mr. Teriffic. In 1971 Paluzzi appeared as a special guest star in “Powderkeg,” the pilot movie for the CBS TV series, Bearcats!. In 1978 she portrayed journalist Liana Labella in the Hawaii Five-O episode “My Friend, the Enemy”.
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