J.E. Browning

JEBsmJohn Edgar Browning teaches at Georgia Tech and is the author or editor of over 10 published or forthcoming books on vampires, Dracula, Bram Stoker, and horror, including THE FORGOTTEN WRITINGS OF BRAM STOKER, THE VAMPIRE, HIS KITH AND KIN: A CRITICAL EDITION, THE VAMPIRE IN EUROPE: A CRITICAL EDITION, GRAPHIC HORROR: MOVIE MONSTER MEMORIES, and DRACULA IN VISUAL MEDIA: FILM, TELEVISION, COMIC BOOK AND ELECTRONIC GAME APPEARANCES, 1921-2010. He’s also guest appeared as an academic scholar on National Geographic’s TABOO USA (2013-) and DISCOVERY CHANNEL’S WILLIAM SHATNER’S WEIRD OR WHAT? (2010-) to discuss vampires.