Brian K Williams


Brian K Williams has studied music and photography independently for over twenty years. The beginning of his professional career begin with his works being published in various publications, album covers, and short story collections. Brian’s love of all these pursuits led him to picking up a video camera in 2013 and diving head first into the world of independent cinema.

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He immediately began producing material, starting with short films and music videos. Then he tackled his first feature film, the crowd pleasing love letter to fans of sexploitation, “Time To Kill”, which was released in March 2014. The film played all over the world, becoming an underground and genre convention hit.

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Brian has since collaborated with several filmmakers on different projects, including working with Forbidden Films (The Legend of Wasco) and Fred Vogel (The Final Interview). In short time, Brian has made a name for himself in the indie film community and has come to be known for his visually exciting cinematography and aggressive editing style.

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Brian resides in Atlanta,GA with his wife and son, where he operates Bandit Motion Pictures along with Scott Schirmer. After producing and shooting the company’s first two films, “Harvest Lake” and”Plank Face”, Brian returned to the writing/directing chair with Bandit Motion Pictures most recent release, the sci-fi sex comedy “Space Babes from Outer Space”.